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Kstyleyo helps students to learn Korean language and the culture.

  • Alphabet, Syllable, Sentence
  • Grammar
  • Phrases

Professional Courses

Designed in the most systematic ways to learn the language Courses contain many materials from Alphabet, Grammar to Phrases to help a variety of levels of Students

Experienced Instructor

In-Young has experence with teaching languages; English and Korean. She has TEFL and TESOL certificates and she is been teaching Korean for 10 years.

Practical Training

Practice makes perfect. There are quizes you can take after learning the materials. If you want your writing to be checked by Kstyleyo, we provide service to do so.

Fun learning through Youtube videos

A whiteboard animation is posted on Youtube every single week. It's easier to study a bite sized content in situational dialogues.


Our Most popular Classes

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Alphabet contains 29 consonants and 21 vowels. Don't be overwhelmed. Once you know alphabet, you will be able to read any words. :)

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Sentence Styles

Two main categories are written and conversational forms.

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Verb Conjugation

This class shows you how to conjugate verbs from dictionary form to conversational polite form.

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There are two number systems; Chinese and Korean.

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WH Questions

Learn about how to ask WH questions and to respond to them.

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Greeting Phrases

Learn how to greet in Korean.

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What The Students Say

Myriam Johnson

In-young is not only a very capable teacher, she is also kind and always takes the time to make sure her students understand. In-young's Korean classes are something I always look forward to.

Julien Turcotte-Novosedlik

Whether or not you've had previous instruction, she assesses what level you currently are at, gets an idea of your unique, personal learning style and structures her lessons accordingly.

Erik Lyod

I have been learning Korean with In-Young for just over a year at only an hour a week. I'm surprised by how much of the language I've picked up in such a short amount of time.

Sunnie Ma

Homework is really helpful to remember things. I am having Korean dialogues with her recently! So much fun. I love it!

Catherine Dame

In-young is a very talented tutor: she makes a point to provide insight on Korean culture as well as the Korean language. I am constantly impressed by the patience she displays while answering my constant questions!

David Tilman

After taking lessons for several months now, I can say without a doubt that this is the best decision I could have made in my learning process. In-Young’s teaching style is personally tailored to your pace and interests, and I find myself more motivated to learn after every lesson.

Andrew Fassett

In-Young gave me the opportunity to learn from real-life experience and develop skills I would not have gained in an academic setting.

Simon-Pierre Fortin

She has this motivation and joie-de-vivre that are intoxicating and that will always make you look forward to your next lesson. Learning about grammar and vocabulary has never been this fun!


I personally encourage you to take In-young's tutor classes. I was and I am still impressed with her teaching methods. The classes are up to date, she teaches essential vocabulary using current everyday Korean and the lessons are based on your personal interest.

Heather Swan

have had so much fun not only learning about grammar and important language rules, but also about overall Korean culture through outings planned by In-young.