Korean Comparison

Why comparison is useful

In human's nature,
we compare to make the right choice when you buy product or to get inspired by others.

In comparison sentences, you are comparing two nouns;
1) subject or object noun
2) noun that is used with 'than'

For example,
I like meat more than vegetables.
In this sentence, 'I' is a subject noun, and 'I' is the one that compares the object noun 'meat' with another noun 'vegetables'.

When to omit 'than + noun'

To simplify, it's always easier if you forget about than + noun section like this.
I like meat more '저는 고기를 더 좋아해요'.
Because without them, it is still a complete sentence.

When to add 'than + noun'

Now you can add 'than noun' which, in this case, is 'than vegetables'; 야채보다 (vegetable + than).
You will add '야채보다' into the sentence '저는 고기를 더 좋아해요'.

You can use either way below by adding 야채보다 after the subject noun or the object noun.
'저는 야채보다 고기를 더 좋아해요.' or '저는 고기를 야채보다 더 좋아해요.'

When to omit subject noun

Often people omit subject nouns when it's obvious to know who talks about it.
'야채보다 고기를 더 좋아해요.' or '고기를 야채보다 더 좋아해요.'

When to omit '더'

The another thing you could also omit is '더' when the object noun and the compared noun are used.
'저는 야채보다 고기를 좋아해요.' or '저는 고기를 야채보다 좋아해요.'
'야채보다 고기를 좋아해요.' or '고기를 야채보다 좋아해요.'

Here are more examples!

Korean Direct Translation Indirect Translation
이게 저거보다 (더) 좋아요. this+thing+s.p that+thing+than more be+good. This one is better than that one.
진수는 동생보다 (더) 커요. Jinsu+s.p younger sibling+than more be+tall. Jinsu is taller than the younger sibling.
이 사과가 바나나보다 (더) 싸요. This apple+s.p banana+than more be+cheap. This apple is cheaper than the banana.
책은 영화보다 (더) 재미있어요. books+s.p movie+than more be+interesting. Books are more interesting than movies.
여름이 겨울보다 (더) 따뜻해요. Summer+s.p winter+than more be+warm. Summer is warmer than winter.
기타보다 피아노를 (더) 잘 쳐요. Guitar+than piano+o.p more well play. I play the piano than the guitar.
저는 제 친구보다 학교를 (더) 좋아해요. I+s.p my friend+than school+o.p more like. I like schools more than my friends.