Korean Restaurant

How to order food in Korean


Korean Expression English Meaning Direct Translation
예약하셨나요? Did you reserve? 예약 reservation
하다 to do
시 extra polite after verb root
총 몇분이세요? How many people is it in total? 총 total
몇 how many
분 counting unit for people (polite)
이시다 to be (extra polite)
주문하시겠어요? Will you order? 주문 order
하다 to do
시 extra polte after verb root
겠다 will
불고기 일인분 주세요. Please give one serving of Bulgogi. 불고기 Bulgogi
일 one
인분 counting unit for serving
주다 to give
세요 please (after vowel)
수저랑 젓가락 좀 갖다 주세요. Please bring some spoons and chopsticks. 수저 spoon
랑 and
젓가락 chopsticks
좀 some
갖다 주다 to bring (get + give)
물 좀 더 주세요. Please give me some more water. 물 water
좀 some
더 more
주다 to give
세요 please (after vowel)
계산서 드릴까요? Can I bring the bill? 계산서 bill
드리다 to give (honorific)
ㄹ까요 shall (after vowel)
오늘은 제가 낼게요. I will pay today. 오늘 today
은 subject particle (as comparison; as for)
제가 I+subject particle (저+가)
내다 to hand out
ㄹ게요 will (after vowel)
맛있게 먹겠습니다. Bon appetite. 맛있게 deliciously
먹다 to eat
겠습니다 will