Korean Romanization

How to romanize English words to Korean words?

1. Break down a word into syllables.

When you romanize names, here is the rule; Never focus on how it's written in English.
First, you need to find out how many syllables there are by pronouncing the words.

If you understand Korean syllable forms (consonant+vowel or consonant+vowel+consonant),
here is my question.
How many vowels are there in each syllable? One.
Therefore, you can find out how many syllables there are in Korean
based on how many vowels you hear.
Once you find out how many syllables there are in Korean, you can start write each syllable.

2. Find out Korean letters for English letters.

When you write syllables,
you may encounter English sounds that Korean doesn't have such as f,v..
We use 'ㅍ' consonant for 'f' and 'ㅂ' consonant for 'v'. As for vowels, we tend to use 'ㅐ' for 'a' and 'ㅔ' for 'e'. Just you know.. there is no right or wrong answer about how you write in Korean as long as it sounds the way it should be, because it's almost impossible to replace one language sound into another language sound.

3. Write the syllables.

Before you start writing your name, here are the examples of Hollywood stars' names.

1) Sara Jessicar Parker: 새라 제시카 파커
2) Beyonce Knowles: 비욘세 놀스
3) Brad Pitt: 브래드 피트
4) Angelina Jolie: 안젤리나 졸리
5) Matt Damon: 맷 데이먼
For Damon, you could write 대이먼, but Korean people use 데이먼.
As I mentioned earlier, there are no right or wrong answers :)

Now, are you ready to try writting your name and your family members' names? :)
Send me an email at contact@kstyleyo.com, if you have questions about how to write your name.