Korean Weather

Four seasons in South Korea

I find Korean has very distinctive seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Spring starts in March and ends in May.
Summer starts in June and ends in August.
There is a monsoon season in July.
It's good to avoid travelling in the season unless you like the heavy rain. :)
Fall starts in September and ends in November.
Winter starts in December and ends in February.

There is not a ton of snow in the metropolitan city like Seoul.
But, other regions like Ganwon province get a lot of snow.
Since we have various atmostphere of winter depending on the regions,
ski is the popular sports and South Korea hosted the winter olympic in Pyeongchang in 2018. :)


Korean Expression English Meaning Direct Translation
오늘 날씨가 어때요? How is the weather today? 오늘 today
날씨 weather
가 subject particle
어때요 how + to be (polite)
내일 날씨가 어떻게 돼요? How's the weather tomorrow? 내일 tomorrow
날씨 weather
가 subject particle
어떻게 how
되다 to become
오늘 날씨가 화창해요. Today's weather is sunny. 오늘 today
날씨 weather
가 subject particle
화창해요 to be sunny
밖이 추워요. It's cold outside. 밖 outside
이 subject particle
춥다 to be cold
날씨가 너무 더워요. The weather is too hot. 날씨 weather
가 subject particle
너무 too much
덥다 to be hot
비가 내려요. It's rainy. 비 rain
가 subject particle
내리다 to come down
바람이 많이 불어요. It's very windy. 바람 wind
이 subject particle
많이 a lot
불다 to blow