Korean Shopping

How to purchase items


Korean Expression English Meaning Direct Translation
이거 얼마예요? How much is this? 이 this
거 thing
얼마 how much
예요 to be (polite after vowel)
너무 비싸요. It's too expensive. 너무 too much
비싸다 to be expensive
깍아 주세요. Please cut down the price. 깍다 to cut
주다 to give
세요 please
두개에 얼마 해요? How much is it per 2? 두 two
개 counting unit for general objects
에 per
얼마 how much
하다 to do
이거로 할게요. I will take this. 이 this
거 thing
로 by
하다 to do
ㄹ게요 will (after vowel)
입어봐도 돼요?? May I try this on? 입다 to wear
보다 to see
입어 보다 to try on (clothes)
도 돼요 may (permission)
탈의실 저기 있어요. The fitting room is over there. 탈의실 fitting room
저기 over there
있어요 exist