Korean Numbers

There are interestingly two number systems in Korea.

Yea... and we use each system for different things.. @.@
Historically, we were very much close to China and influenced by their language
even before Korean language was created.

So, we have the chinese system and the Korean system written in Korean.

Chinese system numbers sound similar to the actual numbers in Chinese.
Korean number system goes up to 99. (There is a word for 100 온 but no one uses it.)
Anything above that, we use Chinese system.

Let's begin to learn how to say 1 to 10 first. :)

Count 1 to 10

Numbers Korean Chinese
1 하나
5 다섯
6 여섯
7 일곱
8 여덟
9 아홉

After 10, you just combine two numbers.
11 becomes 열하나 in Korean and 십일 in Chinese.
12 becomes 열둘 in Korean and 십이 in Chinese, and so on..
For Korean's, you need to know each name for numbers that end with 0.

Count 10 to 90

Numbers Korean Chinese
20 스물 이십
30 서른 삼십
40 마흔 사십
50 오십
60 예순 육십
70 일흔 칠십
80 여든 팔십
90 아흔 구십

Count from 100

From 100, you will use only chinese..
Now I will tell what the higher than 100 numbers are in chinese.

Numbers Chinese
100,000 십만
1,000,000 백만
10,000,000 천만

When to use Korean and Chinese systems

Since Chinese number system is used in higher numbers (above 100) than Korean,
it's likely to use the Chinese one to count high numbers like currency.

Korean Chinese
Counting units
시 (Hour)
분 (Minute)
초 (Second)
월 (month of the year)
년 (year)