What's the meaning behind the name of Kstyleyo?

Name of the brand, Kstyleyo represents Korean + Style + Yo (요). 'yo' is a funny syllable since it can be interpreated in the opposite way when in English and Korean.
'yo' is pretty casual in English but polite in Korean when you attach 'yo'(요) at the end of the sentences.

Experienced Teacher

My goal is to provide the most logical and fun ways to provide learning Korean experience.

In-Young Choung


Native Korean

I am from South Korea and currently live in Ottawa, Canada. With TEFL and TESOL certificates acquired from Ottawa and Montreal in Canada, I worked as an English Teacher in Seoul, prior to moving to Canada in 2009.

After coming to Canada, I began teaching Korean to foreigners who were interested in learning the language and culture. It's been a great experience and I'm very lucky to have met so many great people from various countries both through the internet and in my local city of Ottawa, Ontario.

I teach students in person and over the internet using personalized methods that meet each student's needs. However, buiding a brand and providing the knowledge became limited by having to meet students by hours.

Therefore, I decided to develop a website and wanted to reach as many people as possible who are interested in learning Korean and the culture by sharing my content here for free.

I truely believe this has allowed me to push myself to improve my teaching methods and develop my entrepreship skills.

My hope is to resinate my desire I want to help every single one of you who wants to learn Korean fast and precisely, and to build a large audience for my platform. I am currently planning to self-publish a learning Korean book as well and I'd appreciate your support.

Thank you and happy studying! :)