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Myriam Johnson

In-young is not only a very capable teacher, she is also kind and always takes the time to make sure her students understand. In-young's Korean classes are something I always look forward to. She encourages us to learn and provides good examples. She keeps us motivated, which helps create a pleasant atmostphere, that is essential to any learning situation. I am very fortunate to have her as my teacher.

Julien Turcotte-Novosedlik

If you're looking for the best private Korean lessons in town, look no further than In-Young. Whether or not you've had previous instruction, she assesses what level you currently are at, gets an idea of your unique, personal learning style and structures her lessons accordingly. Whether you find particular areas of the language challenging or you pick up quickly on key concepts, every lesson is personalized and tailored to your learning style and habits in order to best optimize the learning process. She is also very flexible, in the sense that you get to set the pace at which you would like to learn. In addition to the recommended textbook and to really optimize exposure to the language, In-Young likes to incorporate additional material such as music lyrics, news articles and more! She is friendly, very helpful and makes learning a complicated language seem easy. When I started taking lessons with In-Young, I had learned more in one month than I had in three trying to teach myself through books, CDs and computer software. Every little bit is explained and it is not just straight memorization. All-in-all, if you are looking to learn Korean, I strongly recommend In-Young's lessons. Thank you 선생님!

Erik Lyod

I have been learning Korean with In-Young for just over a year at only an hour a week. I'm surprised by how much of the language I've picked up in such a short amount of time. I chose to learn Korean because I already had an interest in Korean music, TV and food and I have learned that exposing yourself to a new language and culture will make you happier in day to day life. In-Young does a great job of matching your lessons with your interests so while it still takes effort, it doesn't feel like work. It was amazing to be able to read signs and menus on my recent trip to Seoul. I get great reactions from the Koreans I meet and I'm often asked if I ever lived in Korea. It is obvious In-Young has a lot of experience teaching as she will change pace and methods to match how you're learning. She creates a comfortable atmosphere and can be as strict or relaxed as you prefer. Through In-Young I've had the opportunity to meet some great people in an environment where we can relax, share interests and have a good time. I plan to continue my lessons with In-Young and will recommend her to anybody who is interested in learning the Korean language and culture. Thanks In-Young

Sunnie Ma

Learning with in-young for Korean studies is really fun. She is not only the teacher but also a good friend too. Homework is really helpful to remember things. I am having Korean dialogues with her recently! So much fun. I love it!

Catherine Dame

"In-young is a very talented tutor: she makes a point to provide insight on Korean culture as well as the Korean language. I am constantly impressed by the patience she displays while answering my constant questions!"

David Tilman

" I took interest in Korean culture and language on my own before I met In-Young, but was frustrated by the slow pace at which I learned the grammar skills. As a native only-English speaker, Korean can be an extremely difficult language to acquire. After taking lessons for several months now, I can say without a doubt that this is the best decision I could have made in my learning process. In-Young’s teaching style is personally tailored to your pace and interests, and I find myself more motivated to learn after every lesson. What I find most impressive is how she is ALWAYS available outside of class to answer any questions, and shows genuine interest in my desire to learn and progress as a student. Aside from being a fantastic teacher, In-Young has become a great friend. She frequently hosts fun Korean-related activities with the other students, and it’s great to meet other people with the same interests and feel part of such a friendly community. I highly recommend In-Young to anybody who wants to learn this beautiful language.
감사합니다 선생님!"

Andrew Fassett

" In-Young gave me the opportunity to learn from real-life experience and develop skills I would not have gained in an academic setting. I was also able to gain personal growth through becoming more culturally aware and ethnically sensitive. I would highly recommend her teaching methods to all. She takes the time to discern the reasons why you wish to learn, to better understand and form the lessons around your personality and learning style. From simple grammar to cultural norms, In-Young has continued to be very informative and helpful. I recommend her lessons to all, beginner or advanced. She has been a great teacher, yet has become an even greater friend. In-Young, I thank you."

Simon-Pierre Fortin

" If you are serious about learning Korean, look no further, this is the teacher you’ll want. I’ve been taking lessons with In-young for about 3 months and it’s been a great experience. She has this motivation and joie-de-vivre that are intoxicating and that will always make you look forward to your next lesson. Learning about grammar and vocabulary has never been this fun! You can also always count on her to answer any questions you have or to adapt the courses to fit to your needs and personal interests."


" I personally encourage you to take In-young's tutor classes. I was and I am still impressed with her teaching methods. The classes are up to date, she teaches essential vocabulary using current everyday Korean and the lessons are based on your personal interest. When I started, I wanted to learn Korean language but instead I learned about a whole culture, you can definitely say that I received more than I paid for. Ps. Hwaiting In-young Seonsaeng-nim."

Heather Swan

" I have been taking Korean lessons with In-young for over a year now, and I am happy to say that I have learnt much more with her than I ever would have in a large group or just by myself. I have had so much fun not only learning about grammar and important language rules, but also about overall Korean culture through outings planned by In-young. I have enjoyed myself so much that the lessons have become the highlight of my week. I highly recommend learning Korean with In-young!"